Hot Launch 2 clubs continue Tour Edge Golf's legacy

Hot Launch 2 clubs continue Tour Edge Golf's legacy

Reid Nelson Equipment Editor
image Photos courtesy of Tour Edge Golf
Tour Edge's new Hot Launch 2 line includes golf most affordable admustable-hosel driver, continuing company founder David Glod's 30-year committment to fill "a hole in the marketplace for quality golf clubs at an affordable price."

For years now, those responsible for the game of golf have lamented golf’s shrinking participation numbers. Yet, over those same years, the price of the equipment necessary to play the game has continued to climb.

Shop your favorite pro shop or online retail golf site and, unless you limit yourself to the used club “barrel,” you quickly realize it’s going take a couple of grand or more to fill your quiver with decent equipment these days, what with drivers costing $400 or more and a set of irons easily costing four figures. And that’s not even counting fairway woods, hybrids, wedges and a putter.

If you’re wondering how all of this makes sense – golf administrators trying to grow the game while equipment companies try to grow the bottom line – you’re not alone. David Glod has spent years wondering the same thing.

But unlike most of his competitors, Glod is doing something about it. In fact, he’s been doing something about it for 30 years, ever since he founded Tour Edge Golf, a Chicago-based company dedicated to producing quality clubs at affordable prices.

Thirty years ago, Tour Edge debuted with the marketing message, “Golf’s Most Solid Investment.” On Sept. 10, the company will being shipping its new line of Hot Launch 2 clubs, once again proving that Tour Edge’s commitment to offer quality products at affordable prices remains unchanged, despite what the rest of the golf market has done to increase the cost of the game.

What’s more, golfers can order any clubs in the new Hot Launch 2 family custom built to their personal specifications — loft, lie, length, shaft flex, grip size — at no extra cost, making the new line from Tour Edge the most affordable customizable products currently on the market.

Don’t believe it? The adjustable, 460cc Hot Launch 2 titanium driver, featuring cup face technology and eight loft options from 8.5-12.5 degrees, is a penny less than $200. The fixed-hosel offset driver is just $170. And both come standard with a lightweight graphite UST Mamiya shaft, not a no-name knock-off.

How can Tour Edge offer an adjustable-hosel, titanium driver with a premium shaft for half what most manufacturers are charging? Glod says his company works on different business model than the big guys.

Manufacturing smaller product runs allows Tour Edge to work differently from larger OEMs. Furthermore, because of the quality of materials and care taken during production, Tour Edge includes a lifetime warranty on every club it makes. And the company’s new shipping guarantee promises any Hot Launch 2 club orders – standard specs or custom – will be filled, shipped and arrive at any store nationwide within 48 hours of the order being placed, all at no additional charge.

“The story began 30 years ago because I felt there was a hole in the marketplace for quality golf clubs at an affordable price,” Glod explained. “The current landscape of the golf industry has shown us that this is still true today and gives us a great opportunity to continue to fulfill that need. Our new Hot Launch 2 product line strengthens our commitment to the golf shop and consumers through a 48-hour shipping guarantee and our lifetime warranty.”

Unlike most of our reviews at, we have not yet tested any of the new Hot Launch 2 clubs. But after years of experience testing multiple lines from Tour Edge, as well as its boutique sister company, Exotics, we are confident in the quality and performance of the line. Simply put, Tour Edge has never cut corners on quality, despite its affordable prices, and its clubs are traditionally among the best performing, easiest to hit on the market.

In addition to the two driver models, the Hot Launch 2 line, aimed at mid- to high-handicap players, includes both straight-hosel and offset fairway woods, with variable face thickness technology and a low, deep center of gravity, for $130 and hybrids (offered through 6-iron lofts), with 450 SS hyper steel bodies and a forged maraging steel face featuring the same VFT technology, for $110.

With similar construction to the hybrids, the Hot Launch 2 Iron-Wood irons, available 2-LW, feature hollow 450 SS bodies and forged maraging steel faces, making them extremely forgiving and easy to launch high, and are priced at just $80 individually or $500 for a seven-piece set. Or opt for more traditional Hot Lauch 2 irons, made from soft 431 stainless steel, which allows for better versatility during custom builds, priced at $400 a set with steel shafts, $500 with graphite.

Assuming you order the adjustable driver, two fairway woods, one hybrid and the Hot Launch 2 irons with steel shafts, you’re still $10 and change short of a grand. And you have the confidence and peace of mind that comes with custom-fit clubs that carry a lifetime warranty.  Try to get all that from any other manufacturer in golf.

Tour Edge customer service is accepting pre-orders now for shipment in early September. For more information, go to, where complete descriptions and specs for all the Hot Launch 2 clubs should be posted soon.

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